What is Singapore Pools?

Playing casino games like baccarat is fun, especially when people aim to profit off the game. If such bettors don’t know how to profit from baccarat, they can check out guides on how to play baccarat to learn about the game and the best bets they can make.

Unfortunately, Singaporean bettors cannot play casino games through Singapore’s only legal betting option. The only legal option in Singapore is Singapore Pools, and it only offers lottery and sports betting options to its bettors. To be specific, Singapore Pools offers 4D, Toto, and Singapore Sweep for the lottery options and football betting, horse racing, and motor racing for the sports betting offers.

Singapore Pools exists to combat illegal betting in the country by offering both sports betting and lottery options for Singaporean bettors. Many bettors frequent common gaming houses and online casinos to place bets, and Singapore Pools offers a secure and legal alternative to these.

Even though Singapore Pools is available for bettors in Singapore, many bettors still prefer betting through online casinos. The reason is that online casinos typically have more options for bettors than Singapore Pools, especially when accounting for the sportsbooks.

However, betting through online casinos is illegal, thanks to the Remote Gambling Act. Online gambling in Singapore through Singapore Pools becomes even more legal since it is exempted from the Remote Gambling Act and can offer online betting to Singaporean bettors. Bettors only need to be careful of fake Singapore Pools applications and websites.

Even though online betting through online casinos and foreign sportsbooks is illegal in Singapore, the casinos aren’t exactly violating any laws when they’re operating internationally. Only the bettors can get in trouble when they’re caught betting. The best way to avoid these apart from betting through Singapore Pools is to bet alone outside of common gaming houses.

For more information, check out CM2Bet’s infographic on what Singapore Pools is.